Jun 09

Naked Ambition 豪情[香港限制級]


Movie: Naked Ambition
Chinese: 豪情 (Ho ching)
Director: Hing-Ka Chan, Dante Lam
Writer: Hing-Ka Chan, Frankie Chung, Hing-Ka Chan
Producer: Hing-Ka Chan, Tiffany Chen, Amy Chin, Janet Chun, Louis Koo
Cinematographer: Sing-Pui O, Wing-Hung Wong
Release Date:
Runtime: 91 min
Size:1.36 GB
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Chung and Andy want desperately to be entrepreneurs and decide to go into the media business. After some research, they find that only two kinds of publications make money: educational ones and pornography. No prizes for guessing which the two young men pick.




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